By Mr. Suhas PingatAugust 01, 2019

Dell Precision Solutions- identifying and setting future trends, one chip at a time!

In this fast-paced life of cognitive technologies looking to take over the future, there’s no room for redundancy or slow-paced innovation; you need technology that helps you innovate and do so with accuracy and style. You need machines that mirror your thoughts at such speeds that solutions code themselves. You need processors that are made to help you innovate. Having witnessed the era pre and post Dell Precision and the incessant feedback we have received from our customers, we can proudly say that with Precision Workforce Solutions, we have been able to identify and cater to the two most pressing requirements/trends of present generation.

The Future Of Work Demands Cognitive Technologies Like AI / ML Devices

We are expected to see an estimated 20 billion connected devices by 2020 and by 2030, we shall be working alongside machines in a way that has only been imagined in science fictions till now.

There are a plethora of sectors that are deploying AI and deep learning to further optimize and maximize their effective performances. Some of these sectors include Healthcare, Energy, Agriculture, Finance and Manufacturing and they are powered by the most cutting-edge technology offered by Dell precision woxrkforce solutions.

Catching up with this pace of transformation, requires exceptionally quick and adaptable machine by your side. With the Precision Workforce Solutions, we have designed systems that practically blur the lines between today and tomorrow. Specially designed for technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual reality (VR) and Machine Learning (ML) which are indispensable in this era of modern computing. Precision solutions take you multiple steps closer to building a business that is enhanced by this power and grows exponentially because if it.

The Future Workforce Demands Devices That Are Smarter – Faster – Better

A constant void has been identified from the VoC, between the speed expectations and the power of machines that are being used by the customers. It slows down output, lowers the hardware-software integration extent and affects productivity. In this world of new ideas and executions waking up every second, we decided to gear up our machines with an unprecedented technology advancement. Precision Solutions have been powered with the latest Intel Xeon processor Scalable family and NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. These algorithms assist with insights for business progression. We have collaborated with selected industry partners to deliver versatile configurations for cognitive technologies enabled workstations. The solutions become cost-effective while providing you with proximity to the advanced technologies. Moreover, even though cloud processing is the way forward, it has been said that if the workstations can be used to develop AI-based solutions, this frees up the cloud platforms for other, more relevant initiatives.

Keeping up with the trends, Dell Technologies has designed the latest Dell mobile and tower workstations, equipped with Dell Precision Optimizer that utilizes AI to auto-tune your workstation for enhanced hardware/software performance, giving you the power to choose from devices that-

  • Are less complex, deliver high performance and ultimate reliability such as Precision 7000 series
  • Enable you to create remotely with the Precision Rack Workstations without worrying about safety
  • Are more affordable, For e.g. Precision 3000 series, for 2D CAD applications, design or complex spreadsheets. With enhanced graphics across all models, Dell Precision ensures of a making every visual journey a more immersive experience.

Precision is here to power your future! Are you ready?

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